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    Hypocrite That We All Are →
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    Why Pune Is Not Bangalore →
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    Notes: Grope →


    I am 11 years old traveling by myself from Wadala to Matunga, barely a 15-minute bus ride in a BEST bus. My grandparents think I am independent and capable enough to undertake this short journey by myself, which I am. I get up from my seat and wait in the corner of the gangway of this double…

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    Are you a bloody honker? →


    honker (hôngk-er, hngk-er) n. (1) a person born without brains (2) a complete idiot (3) aliens’ revenge on mankind.

    Are you deaf? No seriously. Before you get on the vehicle, you leave your brains outside is it? What is the reason for your honking? You think that once you honk, all the…

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    5 Workout Tips That Work →

    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. - Maya Angelou (US Author & Poet, 1928). I’m no wizard in exercising or dieting. We have gym instructors and nutritionists for that. With consistent…

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    30 Odd. What is it like? →

    Exactly 5 years back, I had written an article on how great deal it was turning 25 – stepping into Grihasthashram. Apart from the poor response and less-welcome comments, it had content that seemed…

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    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win…"
    Mahatma Gandhi
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    "Raam bas bhakton nahin shatru ke bhi chintan me hai,
    Dekh taj ke paap Raavan, Raam tere mann me hai…"
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